From time to time, we may need to delay or close Head Start & Early Head Start sites due to inclement weather or other general site issues. Updates about delays and closings will be posted on our website. If you would like to receive these updates through text messages or email, you may sign up for “Remind101”. For more info on how to sign up for text message updates, check the FAQ area at the bottom of the page.  This page will display a few of our most recent updates. You may have to refresh the page to get up-to-the-minute updates.



Recent Updates for all Mon Valley Area Classrooms

Recent Updates for all Washington Area Classrooms

Recent Updates for all Waynesburg Area Classrooms



How can I sign up for text message or email updates?

Visit the link for your classroom below, and enter your phone number or email address. It's that easy!

Do I need to set up an account?

Not at all! Remind101 updates will be posted on this page, and you can sign up for text message or email updates below, no account required!

What if I don't want to get these texts any longer?

Just text the word "stop" to the Remind101 phone number that you get messages from.

How often are you guys going to send messages?

We will try to keep our messages to a minimum, but in certain weather conditions and emergencies, we may send up to 10 messages in an hour to keep everybody posted. Most of the alerts will happen in the winter once the roads start getting snowy.

Am I going to see any additional charges on my phone bill?

Standard text message rates apply. Talk to your cell phone provider to find out what kind of texting plan you have, and if text message service will cost extra. As noted above, we will try to do our best to keep the number of text messages to a minimum, but we do encourage our folks to get an unlimited text plan if they can.

I have additional questions.

Please get a hold of your caseworker if you have additional questions. You can also visit the Remind101 FAQ for more information.

end faq